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 Analysis and evaluation of internet advertising

Optimize Your Business Using the Google Analytics Platform

Google+ for your business

Connect people and ideas in your company

The biggest obstacle to success is the fear of failure

There are many way.  Website to meet should simplicity, clarity, and also should, attract user's attention on the first impression.  fancyBox is a tool that offers a pleasant and elegant way for Your website. Clear and simple way to add zoom feature for images, html content and multi-media. Using the framework of the popular jQuery and JavaScript.

Quality products, good product or service itself undoubtedly the will sell themselves. Important is the quality and structure of the information through your site. Good website is a business card of each company. In terms of SEO Optimization, Web should primarily meet the essential and important parts and that is the structure of the information -in text area. The way to increase return on investment is targeted marketing .


Trends and search term on Google Trends. Google statistic for Search

The consumer takes full control over what will or will not buy, how and under what conditions. Emotional component in marketing is the most important component.  The importance of emotions all around us in the future will grow.  About every entrepreneur writes that without a satisfied customer can not build a long term successful business.

Customer satisfaction is an important indicator of success - but it is difficult to measure . contrary but important parameters of assessment of corporate results - market share and return on investments but are measurable.  The a satisfied customer can, effectively cooperate  the conversely studies have shown that one dissatisfied customer communicate their negative experience, on average ten other potential customers, future or former.

Today's world has shifted from an economy that was controlled industries and ruled by the production - to an economy driven by consumption and fully controlled by consumers

The new direction of the economy finally, sat down the on  instead driver's seat consumer a and customers. 

Customer and the its consumer preferences determine - what the produce, what product, service or company which will have a fixed position in the market and which conversely terminate.

Studies examining the role of brain activity during the shopping showed that only 10% of our purchasing decisions governed by rational thoughts. The remaining 90% of decision is subject to irrational thoughts (automatically, instinctively, without our conscious input to influence decision-making process).  In other words, most buying decisions are ​​much earlier than as when actual shopping.

Creative Communications - provides an opportunity to address 


The Google Maps API is a free service. The Google Maps API Premier enables businesses to add maps to their websites and applications. Premier provides enhanced features, technical support, and a service level agreement. more a information Add Google Maps to your website


JsFiddle for web developers - a tool which may be used in many ways. Can use it as an online editor for snippets from HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Using this approach - JavaScript developers can very easily isolate bugs.

JavaScript Toolkit  InfoVis Toolkit provides tools for creating Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web. The toolkit implements advanced features of information visualization like TreeMaps. The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit has been chosen as a mentoring organization and project for the Google Summer of Code 2011.

On Socialbakers.com you can find daily updated Facebook Statistics from over 200 different countries. If you click on a country, you will be able to see Facebook statistics together with demography and a graph in time. Facebook more statistic


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