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Marketing as part of the development company

Prerequisite for the successful operation of the company is good marketing orientation in the internet world which is an important part of at provide information.

Internet world is part of everyday life for all of us, do not underestimate the opportunity be part of this world.

Step One suitable choice of a marketing firm.
The next step then custom Web site and associated follow-up care, which should be in the process of long-term cooperation.
Companies that deal with creating web sites the is market and lots of difficult to navigate the various menus.
Not every editorial management system provides optimal conditions for the sector use.

Probably the most famous is a professional Joomla,  which is intended for the overall administration of web content. It contains a large number of available plugins and extensions for PHP scripting language most often used MySQL database. But not on all types are really is suitable.

Among the most popular content management systems is also include Drupal. The creators of the application in the new version's that focused mainly on increased security, speed, user accessibility and semantics web. On applications is Drupal running the official White House site.  If you want to create pages and still have not decided to try the demo here content management systems - over 78 content management systems, e-shops, training manuals, etc.

TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules. more

To set up an eshop is the best system in Prestashop.

Another possibility are editorial systems designed specifically for businesses, which operated as a hosted solution with technical support. here  Built-modules directly in templates and of course is also adding a file via FTP.  Services in one package by offering registration multinational domains for quality technical support and upgrade options pages in the administration interface. Web hosting TBD - Internet Business Services

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Shared web hosting

Virtual private server (VPS)

Dedicated Server

 source InMotionHosting

Cloud computing



this term indicates collectively technology and procedures used in data centers and companies for provide easy scalability of applications delivered over the Internet.  Eg. Services are divided into at least "virtual server" and "data storage". at normal the regular hosting in its simplest form when running at on the same machine the database, HTTP server and your own powerful scripts.  Cloud hosting  - completely in layman's terms - hosting, which abounds with a  cluster with huge computing power and huge storage space a this its capacity provides leases to customers in the form of virtual machines.


Google App Engine cloud service is known, where you can get a static site in ten minutes and free hosting of Google this is an interesting possibility of the operation of applications. If you have not an application that is demanding on resources, capacity transmission or storage space, you can use this platform for free. hosting services are designed for applications written in Python version 2.5 or Java.

Optimization of parts of the website
HTTP - header, which affects the, validity website
HTML, CSS - optimal code size - not every type of browser displays the page as well - With CSS you can use one file affect the entire web design
JavaScript - the basis of a dynamic web speed of subsequent operations, and working memory, work with this language requires knowledge of at least the basics of HTML, JavaScript is, dependent on the type of browser - do not always display correctly.

Maximizing marketing expenses


Microsoft Dynamic CRM can increase the effectiveness of marketing activities with flexible tools for segmentation. The larger number of orders - get  full, overview of orders from first contact to pay invoices, tools for tracking potential customers, and contracts optimization of the approval process and forecast sales in real time. Thanks to the marketing functions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can effectively  company  the promote market and achieve higher productivity. Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM provides access to customer information in a familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook. more

Aqua Data Studio is used for database management by over 300,000 IT professionals in 98 countries.

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