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On-page audit start website optimization is important because it allows you to check key ranking factors within your site. Any repairs can then be made immediately to ensure good structure and indexing.
the most important steps for SEO audit
Name Tags
The brand name is still one of the largest on-page ranking factor for most search engines. No site should be without a brand name, and should be optimized with the presence of keywords that reflect the on page actual content. Just be careful not to be too many keywords in the title tag.
Meta Description Tags
Although meta descriptions are already 2 ranking factor, it is still important to write them with caution. Meta description tag should be written like PPC advertising. Like a good advertisement for PPC campaign will increase your CTR will be in good meta description increased clickthrough rate (CTR) on organic search. Remember to mark your meta description under 200 characters.!!
ALT Tags
These tags play a big role in optimizing images, as used engines, including images as part of the image search. Like the title tag should be every picture that you have on your website have ALT tag attached.
Picture Names
Image optimization can be one of those low-fruits in the implementation of your on-page SEO audit, but it can drive good amount of traffic through visual search. Make sure the images are named properly when doing an audit. Tj. logo.jpg instead of your company name logo [company name]-logo.jpg
H Tags
Header tags can tell the search engines that this is the page title. While audit your site takes care of the brand H - jakákéli if you do not, or you have too many. Ideally, this should be your main headline that will be in the first half and then possibly sub-item in H2. Also, if your header tags are "noindex", "nofollow" and "noarchive" how to get rid of them - may limit Google spiders (robots) the ability to navigate your website.
The robots.txt file
Robots.txt is a simple text document that allows the search engines to read before entering the web, crawl and index your website. It's where webmaster can tell search engines which pages can be accessed and which ones are off-limits. Ensure that all web pages in your site that you want to include in the search engines are limited.
XML Sitemap
is very important to ensure a high crawlability for your website.
Duplicate Content
If you find any duplicates, you can either edit the pages to make them more unique, or in the case of exact copies, a 301 redirect for the "official" page to the search engine index.

Keywords are very important for your website, because without them, your site will be without motive and as a result is more likely to be well ranked in Google.
The keywords should be identified and incorporated throughout the design of your website, so you can make sure that they are focused and focus on the ones that you have chosen. This will not only ensure that your content remains on track, and is relevant for your search on Google but you can see how important your website is. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a higher position in the search engines, which deliver concrete results in terms of traffic management, and sales.
Google can recognize your site as relevant to your desired keywords, if you have them for use on your web site and links, which in turn lead to your website. This may sound very simple, but many websites seem to omit the keywords you are trying to target.

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool - provides key words based on Google search, based on your web pages.

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- Offers traffic and demographic information on the Google content network for more informed media planning

GoRank - Free Keyword Density Analyzer

Username - Check multiple social networks, whether your preferred username is taken or available

Quantcast - Get user statistics for your web site visitors

Google Trends - Comparison of trends in the search for multiple keywords

Well-chosen keywords - Internet Keyword Research and Management

Abraham Lincoln once said: "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe." The same is true for measurement: it is of extreme importance to spend the necessary time thinking through which data should be collected and whether the collection works as planned (once implemented). Very often, the implementation model and quality assurance do not receive the proper attention.source

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